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Wi Fi - New Main Line (BCN)

A list and map of locations with WiFi on or near the New Main Line (BCN)

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Wi Fi

Finding a WiFi Hot Spot

WiFi coverage is growing daily. Many pubs and restaurants are now providing access, quite often for free. Most marinas provide access points but often charge for the service because the connections are frequently used to watch movies and TV which consume a lot of data.

The list of locations with WiFi contains information about service providers that we are aware of on the services on or near the New Main Line (BCN). We cannot guarantee that it is up to date and welcome any feedback about new service providers or services that are no longer available.

The people who know the most about the services on or near the New Main Line (BCN) are the boaters themselves. We are hoping that, with your help, we can make the UK Waterways Guide the most comprehensive and up to date source of information for the UK's canals and rivers.

In the not too distant future we will provide subscribers with the ability to comment on services and also to read other people's comments.