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A brief history of the Regents Canal

Canal Details
Canal length : 8.8 miles
Locks : 13
Boat Length : 78ft
Height : 8ft 10ins
Width : 14ft 6ins
Draught : 4ft 6ins

At the beginning of the 19th Century there was no link between the end of the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal and the River Thames. A canal to link the two was initially proposed by Thomas Homer in 1802, linking the Paddingtion Arm to Limehouse on the River Thames. An Act of Parliament was passed in 1812 permitting the construction of the canal.

In 1811 John Nash (a noted architect and town panner and director of the canal company) had drawn up plans for the Prince Regent to redevelop a large area of central North London. Plans for the canal were subsequently included in the scheme and hence the name - Regent's Canal.

The first section form Paddington to Camden Town was opened on 14 October 1816 and the remaining section opened on 1 August 1820.

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