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A brief history of the Wyrley & Essington Canal

Canal Details
Canal length : 17.7 miles
Locks : 0
Boat Length : 71ft
Height : 7ft 5ins
Width : 7ft 4ins
Draught : 4ft 4ins

The Wyrley and Essington canal originally ran from Wolverhampton to Huddlesford Junction near Lichfield. However, it now terminates at Ogley Junction near Brownhills.The canal is a contour canal which is all built on same level. The route has many twists and turns and resulted in the canal being known locally as the "Curly Wyrley".

The canal was built allow the transport of of coal from the coal mines at Wyrley and Essington to Wolverhampton and Walsall. The first Act of Parliament was obtained in April 1792 for the construction of the section from Wolverhampton to Wyrley Bank. The second Act was obtained in March 1794 to construct the secton from Wyrley Banks to Sneyd.

Considerale quantities of coal were transported during the whole life of the canal. Eventually the coal mines themselves interupted the flow of the canal by causing significant subsidence which required substantial repairs.

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